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Nutrition — Fight fat with food you love
Believe the hype, baby. Slim Calm Sexy Yoga Online is an online trainer, nutritionist and weight loss expert rolled into one. Every day, Slim Calm Sexy Yoga Online, powered by Women's Health Personal Trainer will prescribe a meal plan and fitness routine for you and only you. The coolest thing: You can swap out any exercise you don't like, add or delete foods, and otherwise tweak the plan so it fits your personality and lifestyle to a T.

And here's the real bonus: We designed the Personal Trainer system to pay attention. As long as you report in every day, the software knows how many reps you did last night and the number of calories you scarfed at Sunday brunch. And like any smart, informed coach, it adjusts accordingly.

The three rules of Personal Trainer:
1. Be honest with Personal Trainer. 2. Be honest with Personal Trainer. 3. Be honest with Personal Trainer.

Personal Trainer changes with you:
The Slim Calm Sexy Yoga Online plans will get you looking your best. But when you're ready for a change, Personal Trainer is there. No matter what your goal, there's a workout and nutrition plan here designed to get you in the best shape of your life. There's also a selection of shockingly yummy meal plans to help you eat smart and cut calories without depriving yourself.

If, like us, you love to try everything before committing to one thing, remember that you can change your workout plan and meal plan anytime. And we promise to continue adding additional programs to Personal Trainer so that you'll never run out of new things to try. For more information on the Personal Trainer:

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Women's Health regularly consults with top nutrition, fitness, and weight experts to guarantee that the information we're providing is cutting edge and top-notch. Here are a handful of our very favorite brainiacs in the field:
Tara Stiles | Yoga
Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga in New York City. She is the face of yoga for Women’s Health magazine, personal yoga instructor to Deepak Chopra, and a columnist for the Huffington Post.

Amy Dixon | Fitness
Amy Dixon is an exercise physiologist and group fitness manager for Equinox in Santa Monica, California. A former world competitive power tumbler, she stars in WH's DVDs and has more than 15 years of teaching experience.

Baron Baptiste | Yoga
Baron Baptiste created Power Vinyasa Yoga and has taught celebs and athletes around the world. He owns two Baptiste Power Yoga Institutes and has written the bestseller Journey into Power and 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

Devin Alexander | Food and Cooking
Devin Alexander is a chef and food expert who lost — and kept off — 55 pounds. She emphasizes low-fat, high-flavor cuisine.

Keri Glassman | Weight Loss
Keri Glassman, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., is the founder and president of her nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York. She is the author of The Snack Factor Diet and the founder of KeriBar, a nutritional snack bar company. Glassman has appeared in or on numerous national publications and television programs.

Lisa Drayer, R.D. | Nutrition
Lisa Drayer, R.D., is a registered dietician with a practice in New York City. A journalist who has reported frequently for CNN and appeared on several national networks, she is also a distinguished speaker. Drayer has been a key presenter for the American Dietetic Association, the American Liver Foundation, and Purdue University.

Lokelani McMichael | Fitness
Lokelani McMichael is the youngest woman ever to qualify for and complete the Ironman Triathlon World Championship (at age 18). McMichael has completed 9 Ironman races. She is also a swim coach and a spokeswoman for Lifetime Fitness centers.

Take the Guesswork out of Eating.

Pick the meal plan that fits your personality and lifestyle. Personal Trainer will create daily menus customized just for you. Hate broccoli? Easily tailor the menus to your personal tastes.

Get Step-by-Step Exercise Plans

Choose workouts created specifically for your weight loss and fitness goals and lifestyle. Lots of alternate exercises let you mix it up. Work out smarter as the system learns more about you and tailors workouts for maximum effectiveness.

Use Animated Demos

Unsure of how to do an exercise? No problem. You can watch animated demonstrations of every exercise in our database.

Track Your Results Over Time

See how well you're doing with graphs showing your changing weight, measurements, body composition, clothing size, cholesterol levels and more. Get psyched to see yourself speeding toward your goals!

Connect for Support

Getting in shape is easier when you don't have to go it alone. With Women's Health Personal Trainer, you can participate in active message boards on dozens of fitness and weight loss topics — and get support from other women just like you.

Learn and Get Inspired

Fun, informative articles on the latest nutrition news, fitness breakthroughs, and so much more will expand your knowledge about healthy living and keep you on track.

Keep a Fitness Journal

Write about your challenges and successes, discover hidden emotions behind your eating patterns, learn more about your body — and look back later to see how far you’ve come!
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